Narrative: Anna Lim, John Nedeau      Instructor: Miroslava Brooks      Teaching Assistants: Paul McCoy, Megan York
Besieged by plastic and other non-biodegradable human waste, oceans and seas the world-over are witnessing the return of a long dormant and mythically stealthy species: merpeople. Yes, mermaids, the silent avengers and steadfast guardians of marine life, have -by gross human ego and negligence -been compelled to consolidate the floating waste and funnel it back into human marine channels inland, from whence it came. Such an endeavor requires much more than simply a mass mobilization of mer-troops; (i) methodical infrastructural planning to colonize the shallows, (ii) diligent organization and categorization of waste ammunition, and (iii) razor-sharp choreography in re-diverting the waste upstream to human civilization outposts are vital to the operation’s success. To accomplish this mission stealthily and effectively, mer-populations will construct highly camouflaged habitations in the shallows through the calm waves of the day, taking into consideration their ability to move in all directional planes, unrestricted by the force of gravity but vulnerable to the pull of occasional tidal storms. Spatial positioning of marine construction and orientation of evacuation channels with access to the water’s surface remain equally vital should the quest be met with obstruction. 
To the shallows...
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